Techniques most people can use

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The keys to unlock volumes of information are often found behind a screen. Whichever delivery method you prefer, video, audio, text, or any combination, is readily accessible to the average person. The world wide web and the internet allow us to virtually travel through the perpetual universe to almost any destination imaginable. It has enabled the world of communication and connection to enhance human experience and existence. It’s one of many tools just about anyone can use to enrich their life.

A mind that continues to learn new things, is a mind on the move in the right direction. In…

Politics and profits over people

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The independent power supply system for Texas is proving to be a massive failure. Millions of ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) customers are stuck in their homes due to Arctic weather systems stretching southward. This push from the north brings icy and treacherous driving conditions to much of the state. Staying home has become a normal activity for many per pandemic situations, but most people in Texas have not experienced these record below-freezing temperatures before, and certainly not while being without power. 90% of everyone that has an electric bill in the state of Texas is a customer of…

The final confirmation of President Elect Joe Biden is under way, but current President Donald J. Trump has called for wildness ahead of this event in Washington D.C. Several crazed fans and many groups such as the ‘proud boys' are converging on the streets outside of the Capitol. There is no shortage of chaos.

Police, though not all adorned in riot gear, have asserted force amongst the growing crowds. Social media posts from protesters suggest a shift in support for the thin blue line and videos confirm this twist.

Why would so many aggressive people choose to wildly intimidate a…

Is it really what you thought it was?

Millions of Americans are experiencing exactly what it’s like to do business with Donald Trump. Similar to an investor, a bank, or an entire community, the aftermath of whirlwind Trumpian schematic disappointment has left too many Americans holding the short end of the stick. This time, it really stinks.

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Month after month of negotiations finally concluded with a bipartisan relief package combined with end-of-year budgeting. The crucial time when citizens need access to federally distributed funds is when this president decided to grandstand on issues such as foreign aid. He has had 3 or more opportunities before now to take…

A national warning

An American dreamboat perfect for the admiration of young women would find the spotlight in the 1970’s. His good looks might have been outdone by his charm and increasing wealth in the 1980’s. Much of America would have their chance to swoon over the real estate tycoon as he often made guest appearances on some of the most highly rated primetime television shows well into the 90’s. He was there when reality TV arrived in the new century and people tuned in weekly to hear him say those infamous two words, “You’re fired!” …

From the White House to Yours

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Treachery has been gift-wrapped and hand-delivered by the nastiest of American politicians. Millions of people hang on to the hope of any kind of federal government action and aid, not simply for a decent Christmas, but for a place to live when it’s over. Unscrupulous politicians are playing a harried game of chess where Americans, and their votes, are not even as valuable as the pawns, the board, or the box the game comes in.

The most recent occurrence is from newly Trump appointed Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller. He has halted all transition briefings with the confirmed President Elect…

The Gift of Driving Liberals Mad

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This Christmas will be different for many. Historical traditions of the White House adorned in decorations will be honored as always, and the First Lady is front and center. Melania Trump indeed has a commanding presence. Much like her beautiful eyes, her taste is sultry, but also sharp. We don’t hear much from her, so when we catch her Slovenian accent engaging in conversation, our ears instantly perk up.

It’s been a couple of months since October 2, 2020. The media was busy reporting, releasing, and replaying a now infamous secretly taped audio recording. It was candid dialogue between Melania…

An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

You didn’t just lose. You lost bigly, by millions and millions of votes, again. This is an awkward circumstance you’ve put us in. Americans must repetitively reiterate their refusal of another term of your Trump administration. You need to constantly be reminded that you lost. We are here to help. You did not win. More Americans chose Joe Biden over you. That is how you lost.

You have never won the popular vote. There has never been a time when most Americans chose you to be their president, not in 2016, and certainly not in 2020. Hundreds of thousands of…

An American Betrayal of Christianity

This is a relatively new phrase that paints a fresh stain on the windows of the modern Christian Church in The United States. Not much offends those that follow the divisive Republican Jesus quite as much as calling them out for creating him. It is exclusively an American manifestation of a non-religious oxymoron, righteous pride. Biblically unsubstantiated patriotic prejudice, combined with misplaced and misleading ideals of Christian faith, are nothing short of appalling. They are effective repellents.

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The Value of the Exodus

Perhaps the first people that noticed a shift in the moral design of the Republican party were some of it’s very own members…

Casey Lane

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