City Councilman references a plantation slur and proves CRT is absolutely necessary

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Defending your spouse’s freedom of speech can be a sticky mess when the topics are derogatory remarks towards the LGBTQ community and minorities. The negative reflection it imposes on an entire city is inevitable when it comes from the wife of a local elected official. Social media posts alarmed citizens enough to raise issue with Tarrant City Councilman Tommy Bryant at an official public meeting on 7/19/2021. Standing in complete solidarity with his other half, he rose to the occasion and one-upped the racist comments by hurling an extremely outdated racial slur directly at another council member.

Tarrant Mayor Waymon…

The first day of school is just around the corner

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is establishing a reputation for himself by repeatedly making bold proclamations and bad decisions. It seems as though critical thinking has escaped the leader’s office indefinitely. Several mandates and orders have sabotaged the safety of too many Texans by his uninformed signature. It’s time to confiscate and hide all ink and pens from his possession. Texas voters, we’re looking at you to accept this challenge by replacing him, never to sign a bill or another order again.

The list of people Governor Greg Abbott rubs the wrong way has grown exponentially since March of 2020. He’s…

Yes, it really is that simple

Business owners are looked after by lawmakers. Business owners are protected from COVID19 accountability. Business owners are scrambling. Business owners are having trouble filling positions. Business owners say unemployment aid is the reason they can’t get enough people hired these days. Hmmmm. Well, some business owners have been taking advantage of their staff for too long. Many businesses and successful companies pay poverty wages. They pay the same wages they paid last century, in the 1980’s. Business owners know very well why they can’t find all the employees they need anymore, and it’s not because of Joe Biden. …

What you’re not hearing

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Picture it. Sunday. Mother’s Day. Sometown, USA. This is the busiest day for dine-in restaurants across the nation. People taking their mothers out to eat are willing to wait the possible 1, maybe 2 hours or more before sitting at a table to be served. Something is off this time. You sit and wait. After what seems like another half an hour, a manager finally approaches your table, apologizes, and asks for your beverage order. Yes, something is very off. You look across the crowded, chaotic dining room and take note of what’s missing. Servers are nowhere in sight. You…

Criminals within the police force and those that ‘support' them

Not everyone believes in hell, the one of eternal damnation, fire, brimstone, and torture. A place where a horned red devil prods you with his pitchfork as you are escorted to your deserved destiny. Some would rather say that their own earthly existence is a form of hell with its own experiences of daily torture. One thing we can all be certain that exists in this world is evil, in every form imaginable. Those that have taken the pledge to serve and protect are not exempt from perpetrating and perpetuating acts of malicious cruelty. Authority is too often served with…

Texas governor emphasizes teen migrants have been forced into USA to satisfy American demand for drugs and sex

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Perhaps that’s not the takeaway his public address intended, but it’s true. Texas has plenty of permanent experience dealing with illegal border crossings. Changing administrations often change policies and procedures. Witnessed in 2019 by all, influxes and surges at the southern borders are recurring events and the reactionary process obviously still needs serious adjustments. 2021 has become the perfect year for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to highlight the failure of his administration to properly and humanely find a resolve to this repetitive issue. It is on the federal radar as a hot-button platform, therefore requiring a team effort between states…

Just weeks after Biden issues disaster aid for Texas, Abbott attempts to override the federal mask mandate

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Well, well, well. Texas residents continue to struggle with home repairs, insurance claims, and meeting basic needs. Listening to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference Tuesday might give the impression that COVID has all but disappeared in the state. It hasn’t. The statewide mask order will be gone on Wednesday, March 10. All statewide orders will be gone. Personal responsibility will be the only reigning consideration.

The current Texas governor gave no mention to how this mandate revocation should coincide with federal mask mandate orders. They don’t. This is just days after putting aside partisanship in a meeting with President…

Techniques most people can use

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The keys to unlock volumes of information are often found behind a screen. Whichever delivery method you prefer, video, audio, text, or any combination, is readily accessible to the average person. The world wide web and the internet allow us to virtually travel through the perpetual universe to almost any destination imaginable. It has enabled the world of communication and connection to enhance human experience and existence. It’s one of many tools just about anyone can use to enrich their life.

A mind that continues to learn new things, is a mind on the move in the right direction. In…

Politics and profits over people

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The independent power supply system for Texas is proving to be a massive failure. Millions of ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) customers are stuck in their homes due to Arctic weather systems stretching southward. This push from the north brings icy and treacherous driving conditions to much of the state. Staying home has become a normal activity for many per pandemic situations, but most people in Texas have not experienced these record below-freezing temperatures before, and certainly not while being without power. 90% of everyone that has an electric bill in the state of Texas is a customer of…

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